What we can

When taking decisions most of the times, the right timing is the most crucial thing. In 2005 we were one of the first Lifestyle & Fashion PR Agencies to move to Berlin. We were deemed crazy. Looking back, we have proved that we are good at having an intuition for the right timing.

Berlin changed. Today the city is a growing international fashion métropole. And us? …we still trust in our intuition in timings and trends. We are still using unique pr-strategies to make alive, apparent and special our national and international brands – each time in a different way.

At events, in face to face meetings with editors, publishers and bloggers, we tell what characterizes our customers and find sympathetic ears.

Since all comes together at our agency, PR, ad placements, seeding and event, a huge network as well as 15 years of experience, now, we can do a bit more than fashion.

We are experts in: Fashion | Beauty | interior & design | food & drinks

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